About Coastal Transplants

About Coastal Transplants

Coastal Transplants prides itself on offering specific environmental and horticultural expertise with practical, first-hand knowledge of all aspects of Coastal Revegetation projects. Our quality native and wetland plants, extensive agricultural and horticultural experience, along with our skilled crews, make Coastal Transplants your one stop solution for restoring the coastal ecology of your barrier island community. Coastal Transplants is a leading provider of dune construction, maintenance, & repair. Dunes, native sea oats, and fencing come together to provide the most stable protection against storm & erosion. 

Our Company

Coastal Transplants started dune vegetation plant production in the spring of 1997 with a small crop of sea oats. That small starter crop has now grown into a full time business capable of meeting barrier island needs great and small.  Coastal Transplants continues to be a family owned and operated entity.

Our Mission

 We provide a beautiful way to naturally enhance the coast while protecting life and property. It is our mission to offer every client personal, focused care in a timely manner.

Our Farm

Coastal Transplants has collected and cultivated native sea oats from nearly 30 different beaches on the southeast coast on into Texas.  These sea oats are planted as seeds and grown under their optimal conditions on our 20 acre farm in North Carolina.  Coastal Transplants proudly boasts having genetically native vegetation for every inhabited island in North Carolina available for planting at any time.

Scientifically Superior

Coastal Transplants uses state of the art equipment along with scientifically superior methods for cultivating seeds, planting oats, and building dune systems.  These distinct methods allow Coastal Transplants to ensure each of their clients receives the heartiest plants for their region with the fastest growth rates.