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  • Does the cost of plants include delivery and installation?
    No. Delievery and Installation are separate and depend largely on the location and size of the area to be planted.
  • What does the timeline look like?
    Step 1: Create Dunes January The first step in protecting the coastline is to build up a solid barrier of dunes. Coastal Transplants is familiar with beach regulations and can help plan and coordinate dune construction. Step 2: Install Fencing March By adding fencing, walkways, decking, or even hay bales, you are building the strength and longevity of your dunes. Structures like sand fencing help trap wind blown sand to continue to build up your dunes naturally. Step 3: Plant Vegetation May Once the weather starts to warm up we decorate your dunes with beautiful and hardy native vegetation like sea oats. Their extensive root system help keep sands in place while their beautiful foliage adds beauty to your landscape. Step 4: Maintanence and Fertilization July Coastal Transplants continual fertilization and care promotes faster growth and helps ensure your vegetation stays vibrant and healthy.
  • How come some areas have discounts?
    Some cities and towns offer planting incentives and subsidized planting. Each city and town has their own policies which include how much it is discounted and how many plants are available. Please contact about your specific area.
  • What if I buy for a friend who is not in the discounted area?
    Follow up visits and random checks may be performed by the city or town to ensure the discounted plants are planted in their town and not in another. Homeowners who are found to have misued the discount will be reponsible for paying back the discount.
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