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Sand Fencing

Sand fence has evolved over the years to be one of the predominate trappers of sand from wind blown erosion. Since the early fifties fencing has been used to accumulate sand. Early uses of discarded christmas trees and cut trees have been replaced by the more commonly found lattice and wire fence. This fencing is regulated by CAMA and requires permitting and installation based on specific rules and regulations.  Coastal Transplants is familiar with all the rules and regulations and is happy to take care of all the required permitting.


Placement of sand fencing relies on the ultimate purpose of the sand fencing.  Using scientifically proven calculations, Coastal Transplants will install your fencing in the precise location needed in order to acheive your site specific goal.


Sometimes decking is needed. We can help.



We will build or rebuild your walkway if needed. Here is an example of a large amd small deck building job.

Hay Bales


In Texas, hay bales are used in leiu of sand fencing.  Coastal Transplants has experience with the placement and installation of hay bales to achieve the same goals as you would using a sand fence.