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Coastal Transplants started dune vegetation plant production in the spring of 1997 with a small crop of sea oats. That small starter crop has now grown into a full time business capable of meeting barrier island needs great and small.

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About us

Coastal Transplants prides itself on offering specific environmental and horticultural expertise with practical, first-hand knowledge of all aspects of Coastal Revegetation projects. Our quality native and wetland plants, extensive agricultural and horticultural experience, along with our skilled crews, make Coastal Transplants your one stop solution for restoring the coastal ecology of your barrier island community.

Past Projects

She purchased a beautiful home on Figure 8 Island for a really great price only to find out after purchasing it, that the home was in danger of serious storm damage if her beachfront did not transform soon.  She called up Steve Mercer of Coastal Transplants and asked him for a solution.  Take a look at what they've done! She now sits happily on her third story deck overlooking the ocean with peace of mind.

Beaches We've Worked On

Coastal Transplants has experience in the care and maintance of native vegetation from the following beaches;

  • North Topsail

  • Surf City

  • Topsail

  • Oak Island

  • Bald Head

  • Ocean Isle

  • Holden Beach

  • Sunset Beach

  • Caswell 

  • San Palo

Average Timeline

Step 1: Create Dunes



The first step in protecting the coastline is to build up a solid barrier of dunes.  Coastal Transplants is familiar with beach regulations and can help plan and coordinate dune construction.

Step 2: Install Fencing



By adding fencing, walkways, decking, or even hay bales, you are building the strength and longevity of your dunes.  Structures like sand fencing help trap wind blown sand to continue to build up your dunes naturally.

Step 3: Plant Vegetation



Once the weather starts to warm up we decorate your dunes with beautiful and hardy native vegetation like sea oats.  Their extensive root system help keep sands in place while their beautiful foliage adds beauty to your landscape.

Step 4: Maintanence and Fertilization



Coastal Transplants continual fertilization and care promotes faster growth and helps ensure your vegetation stays vibrant and healthy.