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Protecting Carolina Beach Homes in 2022

On April of 2022 Coastal Transplants planted 46,000 NC native sea oats along the Carolina Beach shoreline. This project was commissioned by the town of Carolina Beach of North Carolina in an effort to target high erosion areas of their beach and to help beachfront home owners protect their homes from hurricanes, high tides, and erosion.

Coastal Transplants prides itself on the fact that we are one of the only sea oat suppliers that harvest the native sea oat seeds directly from the beach we are planting on, then we germinate those seeds in our greenhouses to be transplanted back to their native ecosystem once they are viable.

In November Coastal Transplants will return to the same sites to transplant 20,000 American Beach Grass plants between these sea oats to help fortify the dunes even further. We believe it is important that sand dunes be home to a variety of coastal vegetation to help lengthen the life of the dune and strength its efficacy against erosion.

If you have a beach front home, let us come out and give you a FREE site evaluation to make sure your home is being protected the best it can be!

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